Friday, September 19

Bronx Boxers

Shout out to tomorrows all
Day Bronx Boxers and Music event tomorrow, starting at 1 pm at the Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC) at 1303 Louis Nine Blvd, by Freeman St 2 and 5 subway station.

Meanwhile, note the whispers of the military revolt against Obama.

Wednesday, September 17

Credit from the Brics

Credit is coming from the Brics nations.  That is how China is changing the world.  That is why Russia is not isolated despite the sanctions from the West.  Get in on the groove for credit and development.  China is not operating on the basis of geopolitics.

Tuesday, September 16

Aim of ISIS war is to kill Assad and Syria

The aim of the socalled ISIS war is to kill Assad and destroy the nation of Syria.  ISIS does exist but it is puffed up by aid from Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  ISIS sells oil that goes through Turkey and reaches European markets.

Don’t Try To Control An Uncontrollable War

Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron intend to bomb Syria, and kill its elected president says LaRouche. Will congress go along? The truth about 9-11 and the "28 pages" has still yet to see public release!
Howard J --
In its development since the mid-July “Fortaleza” summits of the BRICS and supporting nations, the new policy of peace through development for all nations has changed the potential of the whole international situation.
The New Silk Road policy of China, which is central to this whole change, is a "Confucian idea of building the future and building a harmonious world order," as Helga Zepp-LaRouche said on returning from a long and groundbreaking visit to China.
Beijing, China Sept 5, 2014 "One Belt One Road" conference in Bejing,   Helga Zepp-LaRouche EIRNS/Stefan Tolksdorf
"This is a dynamic concept which is not on the same plane, and therefore they don’t look at themselves as being in competition [with other nations], because the New Silk Road is a completely open conception: Everybody is welcome to join it." - Helga Zepp-LaRouche
The United States must join this effort, and its new international development banks, to save itself from the collapse and ruin of the trans-Atlantic financial system and economies.
But “The idiots on Wall Street don’t want us to do it,” said Lyndon LaRouche during the National Policy Committee discussion"The idiots will kill us all off, if they can get a chance to do it." 
The war Barack Obama and his British imperial superiors are now expanding, has a potentially thermonuclear character, as LaRouche stressed again, and this kind of conflagration generated from one, collapsing part of the planet cannot be stopped from reaching others.
Now, on Obama’s specific and insane war mission, LaRouche said that it is absolutely the case that Obama’s new war is, in fact, another regime-change war against Syria, to bring down and kill its president.
The British House of Commons research department has issued a report Monday morning, publicized in a London Telegraph article, saying that bombing Syria now, as Cameron and Obama demand, would be illegal and in violation of international law.

The fact that this institution did this now, LaRouche said, means that Obama is about to bomb Syria. And a lot of members of the Congress are prepared to sit there and watch it.

But once Golem Obama launches it, it’s uncontrollable— uncontrollable by Congress; uncontrollable for the British imperialists, or the Saudi instigators who could destroy themselves; it is not controllable for us. It could mean mass death, including for the United States.

Out of control, LaRouche said, is out of control. Obama has already gone far, far too far. His next step could be the end of civilization. Stop him, get him out of office, or the result will be uncontrollable. You can’t take a defensive posture against such a threat. You have to stop it.
WE have to stop it. Throw Obama out. Bring out the truth of 9/11 and terrorism.
And LaRouche, noted, again, that former President Bill Clinton can understand the role that he has to play in shutting down Obama and replacing him; and that he also is responsible to do that. LaRouche’s movement knows its responsibility in doing this, and has to carry it out now.
"What we need in the United States right now is a passion to drive the people of the United States, to create the solution. These are the things that will determine, whether or not the United States will still exist."
Share this message to everyone your know (follow link to share) -- tell them to contact their Congressman with one message:  Impeach Obama Now.
Thank you for your continued support,, Editorial Staff

Monday, September 15

Bronx Cheer for Obama on Isis

A real Bronx Cheer for Obama on his ISIS war mobe, like you suck, Obama....   Time to go with the Iran and Assad of Syria option, instead of endless war.

Friday, September 12

Obama's War and Fraud

Obama has put the US on the road to war insanity in Iraq and Syria.  Obama is saying he will continue to train the "Free Syria" forces to fight both Assad regime of Syria and the new Islamic State.

This means that hundreds of thousands of US troops will soon be again in Iraq and this time Syria.  That is why Pres. Obama wants no debate on a declaration of war or hostilities.  Any substantial debate would reveal that Obama and the British strategy is insane.

The only solution is to impeach Obama, and as US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey has implied, ally with the real forces of the region, Iraq, Assad's Syria, and Iran, to defeat the IS (Islamic State).

Thursday, September 4

Bronx, you like food?

Remember LaRouchePAC's warnings from earlier this year, that President Barack Obama's deal with the Wall Street fracking, grain, and rail cartels threatened food production in the Northern Plains U.S. states?
Obama remains in office, nothing was done, and the pile-up of grain not being shipped on the United States's decrepit, cartel-run, fracking-dedicated rail system is now an even greater threat to your food supply.

Tuesday, August 5

Mining to Fusion Power on the Moon

China is taking lunar mining seriously," is the title of an article August 3 in"While the U.S.A. dabbles with the idea of lunar mining and both India and Russia have, in the past, floated ideas, China is the only power pushing ahead with an actual program,"the publication says. It is head by a photo on NASA's Robotic Mining Competition and the caption,"China plans to return to the Moon early 2020s. Filling one shuttle's cargo bay with helium-3 could bring the equivalent energy of 1 billion barrels of oil back to Earth."
The article continues,"The Moon is rich in rare earths, titanium, and could support mining with recent evidence of the existence of water; [but] the big prize when excavating the Moon, is helium-3.... [It] is abundant and accessible on the Moon and could be used in nuclear fusion..." then quotes at length from a June 16 article in The Diplomat - Asia/Pacific. Its author is Fabrizio Bozzato, at Tamkang University, Taiwan, and it is entitled "Moon Power: China's Pursuit of Lunar Helium-3." As a caption:"The equitable development of fusion fuel on the moon could be a catalyst for clean energy and a global renaissance." says it"argues China's program to land on the moon within a decade could be a game-changer."
Bozzato wrote,"Lacking an atmosphere, the moon has been bombarded for billions of years by solar winds carrying helium-3. As a result, the dust of the lunar surface is saturated with the gas. It has been calculated that there are about 1,100,000 metric tons of helium-3 on the lunar surface down to a depth of a few meters, and that about 40 tons of helium-3 — enough to fill the cargo bays of two space shuttles — could power the U.S. for a year at the current rate of energy consumption. Given the estimated potential energy of a ton of helium-3 (the equivalent of about 50 million barrels of crude oil), helium-3 fuelled fusion could ... increase mankind's productivity by orders of magnitude."
"However, supplying the planet with fusion power for centuries requires that we first return to the moon. At present, only China has this in mind, with its Chang-e program, a lunar exploration program that will send astronauts to the moon by the early 2020s. If Beijing wins the second race for the moon, and establishes a sustained human outpost conducting helium-3 mining operations, it would establish the same kind of monopoly that in the past created the fortunes of ventures like the East India Company. The ramifications would be significant, to say the least."
Bozzato describes a scenario of China monopoly and international tension over it as put forward by Foreign Policy, but concludes:"Still, this scenario is hardly inescapable. On the contrary, lunar exploration and resource development could end up encouraging international cooperation and build confidence. If the space-faring nations see a common destiny, then creative politics, diplomacy, and new legal frameworks could be used as instruments for good governance and an equitable sharing of the spoils. A new international regime for the joint development of lunar helium-3 would then be viable, with all the possibilities for the planet that would entail."