Saturday, December 29

LaRouche in Washington Times

LaRouche in the Washington Times says, save the humans. This whole idea of turning food into gasohol is insane. Starving to death is not the way to help the United States, by any means. Everything that Obama is insisting on, as LaRouche says, must be canceled tomorrow morning. We need the Glass-Stegall, we need the space program. There is a way Bronx and Harlem dudes to continue the human race and expand into near outer space. Go back to Ronald Reagan's Space Defense Initiative, into a Space Defense of Earth (SDE).

Monday, November 19

Susan Rice a Roni

Susan Rice a Roni;
The genocidal treat;
 Susan Rice a Roni;
 The BS can't be beat;
(Rice a Roni advertising jingle)

 "The failure of Congress to prosecute the crimes of the Obama Administration in relation to the Benghazi murders of American personnel, in effect, means those Congressmen are abetting treason against the United States," said Lyndon LaRouche in a statement Sunday. "Because the policy which the British puppet Obama Administration carried out, and which led to those deaths, if continued, will lead us straight to World War III." In fact, Congress, and especially the Democrats, are continuing to dither. Future hearings have been scheduled by the Senate Intelligence Committee, and both Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton are expected to testify, said Sen. Saxby Chambless on Fox News Sunday yesterday. But there are no plans for escalating the timetable. The Independent investigation commissioned by the State Department, headed by senior diplomat Thomas Pickering, is not expected to release its report until mid-December. After the testimony, behind closed doors, by former CIA head David Petraeus last week, attention has focussed heavily on why the White House, and especially UN Ambassador Susan Rice, continued to publicly lie about the nature of the Sept. 11 attack, saying it was an outgrowth of a demonstration. Gen. Petraeus, according to all reports of those listening, said the CIA always knew it was a terrorist attack, and said so in its "talking points." However, at some point, those "talking points" were edited, and the references to al-Qaeda as the source of the attack were removed, and that was the version which Rice, and later the President, went with. The "why" is not mysterious; indeed, Rice's fulsome discussion in her Sept. 16 TV appearances about how Obama had "dismantled" al-Qaeda, provides motivation enough. What Congress is still looking at is the "who." Sen. Chambless put it this way: "It was kind of interesting, Chris. At the hearing we had on Thursday and Friday, we had every leader of the intelligence community there, including folks from the State Department, the FBI, everybody there was asked, do you know who made these changes? And nobody knew. The only entity that reviewed the talking points that was not there was the White House.... What I do know is that every member of the intelligence community says that references to al Qaeda were removed by somebody, and they don't know who." The other thing we know is that this inquiry will not be swept under the rug. Not only are four Americans dead as a result of the de facto alliance of the British-controlled Obama Administration with al-Qaeda in toppling Qaddafi, but that same alliance, called 9/11 Two, is continuing, and leading us to World War III in Syria and beyond. Relevant Today The Calamity of the Second Obama Administration 6 days 3 hours ago Lyndon Replies to Russia: Thermonuclear War Threat 3 days 9 hours ago The Morning After Obama's Bad Night Before 1 day 10 hours ago Hyperinflation Now Strikes! 1 week 8 hours ago Related Items Pages: Obamawatch Obama Gives OK for Israeli Invasion of Gaza - Full Blame on Palestinians 13 hours 57 min ago Greenwald: Obama Has To Support the Israeli Attack on Gaza Because He's a Killer, Too 1 day 10 hours ago The Morning After Obama's Bad Night Before 1 day 10 hours ago Under Obama, You're Not Entitled to Your Entitlements 1 day 10 hours ago NerObama Considering Sen. John F. Kerry for Secretary of Defense and Susan Rice for Secretary of State 5 days 13 hours ago

Monday, November 5

No Obama, He is Genocide

Vote against Obama, he is genocide, he is death. people in New York and New Jersey who were the most vulnerable to the effects of Super Storm Sandy also happen to be the same populations targeted for elimination under the brutal fascist austerity plans of President Barack Obama and his minions, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York's greenie billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg — the poor and the elderly. A number of the high-rise apartment buildings in both places that lost power were either low-income housing projects or housing for the elderly. When they lost power, elevators, air conditioning systems, lighting, refrigerators, and other appliances necessary for life in these structures all stopped functioning. Acquiring food and water suddenly became impossible. As of mid-day, today, five apartment buildings for senior citizens in Paterson, N.J., were still without power, reported the Bergen Record. As of Friday, there were nine high-rise buildings in Fort Lee without power and several more in Hackensack and Cliffside Park. Some have had emergency generators keeping the elevators operating, but in Edgewater, people have been living in buildings without any power at all. In one building in Fort Lee, many of the elderly residents have been congregating in the first floor lobby, but some are too frail to leave their apartments and need help. In New York City, a dozen people over the age of 65 died in the storm. According to an accounting by the Associated Press, they included a 90-year-old woman who died in her apartment on Coney Island; a 75-year-old woman in Manhattan's East Village who died after her oxygen supply was cut off when the power failed; an 82-year-old man killed by the rising water in Staten Island; an elderly couple who apparently drowned beside their car in a parking lot also on Staten Island, and there were others, too weary or frail to heed evacuation orders before the storm. Friday, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.), whose district is made up of a large part of Queens, told CNN's Erin Burnett that "No one on the peninsula from east to west has power." Fifty percent of Meeks' constituents live below the poverty line and most of them don't believe that they're getting the help they need (as on Staten Island). And, as Lyndon LaRouche pointed out Saturday, there are no plans among any of the current political leadership to take the necessary measures to mitigate the effects of such storms in the future. Bloomberg made that clear on Nov. 1, when he rejected calls for the construction of storm barriers for New York like the one that successfully protected Providence, R.I., from Sandy, last week. Obamawatch, Economic Collapse Rudy Giuliani Tells Obama to Resign 10 hours 23 min ago Enraged Citizens Ready to Lynch Bloomberg; Destruction "Is Like Civilization has Come Undone" 10 hours 25 min ago More Lies and Obsfucation on Benghazi From the Nerobama Camp 10 hours 29 min ago Nerobama the Narcissist in Chief 1 day 3 hours ago Retired General Denounces Lack of Security in Benghazi 1 day 3 hours ago

Saturday, October 27

Sandy Hurricane on the Elections

Could this Sandy hurricane shift the election towards Romney?  Hey Bronx dudes, I think it can, and maybe she will save our butts. 

Is the oncoming Sandy storm, a storm for Mitt Romney? This weather pattern could knock out power in large regions from Virginia and Pennsylvania, into Ohio. It could get people sour against Obama, as our aging infrastructure rots and collapses in a major storm. Sandy could actually interfere with voting some some areas, going from Pennsylvania and even into Eastern Ohio, Cleveland area, etc.

This may somehow shift the vote towards Romney. Maybe this is a divine sign to save the United States from the otherwise Obama election and subsequent path to thermonuclear confrontation, and launch of thermonuclear war.

Thursday, October 25

Do You want to Survive, Break Banks

If you want to survive, Bronx and Harlem dudes, you have to break up the big banks now. Obama is trash, so throw him out. Reich has some good ideas here, though he sees the world with Democratic colored glasses. On Oct. 18, Robert Reich called on Obama to break up the nation's biggest banks and to resurrect Glass- Steagall. The op ed argues that if the President took such action it would be good policy and would smoke out Mitt Romney. Earlier this year, in July, immediately after Sandy Weill had recanted his opposition to Glass-Steagall, Reich had written an op ed in the Huffington Post entitled: "The Man Who Invented 'Too Big to Fail' Banks Finally Recants. Will Obama or Romney Follow?" in which he concluded in a manner not based on the party system: "What's the betting that one of the presidential candidates will take up Weill's proposal?"

Three months later Reich ostensibly launches into an attack on Romney as Wall Street's candidate, knowing full well that it has been Obama who has opposed Glass-Steagall, implemented the bailout of Wall Street, and pushed the Dodd-Frank Act, which maintains the too big to fail policy. He does so even though in the first debate, Romney called for repealing Dodd-Frank and eliminating the policy of too big to fail. Reich writes: "The President should counter Romney's extraordinary solicitude toward the Street with a proposal to cap the size of the nation's biggest banks so that no bank is ever again too big to fail. And to resurrect the Glass-Steagall Act, which once separated commercial from investment banking. In the 1980s the ten biggest banks had less than 30 percent of bank depositary assets.

Now they have 54 percent. And the four biggest now dominate the Street almost completely. Because lenders and investors know they're too big to fail, the four biggest banks have a competitive advantage over smaller rivals that pose larger financial risks. That means they'll only get bigger. Breaking up the biggest banks and capping the size of all banks is hardly a radical suggestion these days. The Dallas Federal Reserve Board, which has never been accused of excessive liberalism, has called for it. So has Sanford Weill, the creator of Citigroup, one of the biggest of the big. So has Daniel Tarullo, the Federal Reserve governor charged with bank regulation. So have conservative commentators such as George Will.... Calling for a breakup of the biggest banks and a resurrection of Glass-Steagall would smoke out Mitt Romney — revealing clearly and decisively he's not on the side of most Americans." Reich is correct that Romney, like Obama, has not endorsed Glass-Steagall. It is also true that on economic policy he is presently in large part captive to Republican Party ideology. However, the fact that Sandy Weill and a number of conservatives have endorsed Glass-Steagall points to the potential of freeing Romney from the Republican Party ideologues who oppose it. Is it possible that Reich, in making this proposal, is actually trying to smoke out not just Romney but also Obama, who for the last four years, with help from Geithner and Holder, among others, has in fact defended and bailed out Wall Street at the behest of the Queen of England to the detriment of the American people?

Thursday, October 4

Genocide people obamanation

Obama is the obamanation.  Genocide baby from Libya to the killer drones to nuclear war.  Try some of that on your real estate deals!

or the second time in about a week, a study has been issued examining the terrible human costs of the drone wars being carried out and expanded under President Obama. Entitled "The Civilian Impact of Drones: Unexamined Costs, Unanswered Questions," the new report was issued on Oct. 1 by the Columbia Law School and the Center for Civilians in Conflict, and it constitutes another damning indictment of the policy using covert drone strikes to kill targets in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, much of which is personally overseen and approved by Barack Obama.
A major theme of the study is to debunk the notion of "precision" in drone strikes. It quotes Obama, for example, as describing drone strikes as "precise, precision strikes against Al Qaeda and their affiliates." There is no "precision" in either targetting before strikes, or in assessing casualities and damage after the fact, the study documents.
The Columbia study notes the difficulty in determining civilian casualties caused by drone strikes, but notes that the CIA and JSOC (the military's Joint Special Operations Command) have the same problem: the lack of active intelligence in areas where the U.S. does not have boots on the ground. In the Pakistan tribal areas, Yemen, and Somalia — the U.S. has little if any human intelligence, little signals intelligence (because of the low-technology environment), and a lot of drone video surveillance. But the latter is of limited value because of the inability to distinguish individuals on the ground, and the "soda straw" effect — a very narrow view, missing the wider picture. (For example, one drone operator targetted a truck thought to be full of "insurgents;" after the missile was fired, two young boys riding bicycles unexpectly appeared on the screen, and the drone operator could do nothing as he watched the missile kill the two boys as well as the "insurgents" on the truck.)
The Columbia report, in addition to detailing the harm to civilians caused by drone strikes, delves deeper into the legal implications of Obama's policy, and its flagrant violations of the laws of war and interational humanitarian law. It also does a more thorough analysis of the roles of the CIA and JSOC, and the different legal authorities under which they operate, but pointing out that they have become virtually indistinguishable in practice. As a number of observers have pointed out, JSOC, sometimes called "the President's army," has a particular fascination for Obama, and it is his favorite killing instrument.
The super-secret JSOC operates without any significant public scrutiny and it also evades Congressional oversight, the Columbia report notes (which may be why Obama loves it so much). JSOC, as Gen. Barry McCaffrey noted, is "a parallel universe." It operates in almost total secrecy, outside of the conventional military command structure and rules of engagement. And it maneuvers in the cracks, in-between Congressional oversight of either military operations, or intelligence operations. Many if not most of the drone strikes with high civilian casualties, often attributed to CIA, are actually carried out by JSOC.
There are many indications that drone strikes are actually increasing overall violence and contributing to anti-American sentiment. A number of studies have found that the effect of the drone strikes has been a radicalization of the population and increased recruiting by Al-Qaeda and related groups. A lawyer in Yemen said the following in a May tweet: "Dear Obama, when a US drone kills a child in Yemen, the father will go to war with you, guaranteed. Nothing to do with al-Qaeda."

Friday, September 21

Kerry Kover for Kovert War

 It's the new KKK, the Kerry kover for Kovert war.  That Sen .  Kerry has gone bad.

Sen. John Kerry, who facilitated Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional war on Libya, is now greasing the way for a cover-up of the Benghazi attacks. At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting on Wednesday, Kerry killed the bill introduced by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), which would have required the State Department to report to Congress on last week’s attacks in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen within 30 days.
Instead, as Josh Rogin reports in The Cable blog, Kerry said the Corker-DeMint bill was not needed, because the State Department is setting up a panel (supposedly “independent and bipartisan”) to investigate the Benghazi attack. Kerry said Wednesday that Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides had told him the State Department had already begun setting up the panel, which, Kerry said, would be independently appointed and accountable to Congress. However, this panel, known as an Accountability Review Board, is only required to be convened within 60 days of the attack, and then after conducting its examination, it will report its findings to Congress — which clearly Obama and Kerry hope will be long after the November elections.
Sen. DeMint’s reaction was this: “The attacks on American embassies and diplomats are outrageous. The Administration owes the American people detailed answers on how this happened and how it can be prevented in the future. It now appears these violent acts may have been coordinated terrorist attacks against America around the anniversary of 9/11. There may have even been warnings beforehand. Americans need to know if we were properly prepared and what steps must be taken to protect our diplomats in these dangerous environments.”
The House Oversight Committee sent a letter today asking for results of this probe by October 4th.
FURTHER: According to late news reports, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has appointed veteran diplomat and former Ambassador Thomas Pickering to head the Accoutability Review Board. The highly-respected Pickering is one of the most senior U.S. foreign service officers, and was just in the news for the Iran Project report warning of the heavy costs of a military attack on Iran. Pickering’s appointment suggests that there is a fierce battle going on within the Adminstration and the State Department, over Obama’s complicity in, and cover-up for, the murder of Ambassador Stevens.

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