Tuesday, August 5

Mining to Fusion Power on the Moon

China is taking lunar mining seriously," is the title of an article August 3 in MINING.com."While the U.S.A. dabbles with the idea of lunar mining and both India and Russia have, in the past, floated ideas, China is the only power pushing ahead with an actual program,"the publication says. It is head by a photo on NASA's Robotic Mining Competition and the caption,"China plans to return to the Moon early 2020s. Filling one shuttle's cargo bay with helium-3 could bring the equivalent energy of 1 billion barrels of oil back to Earth."
The article continues,"The Moon is rich in rare earths, titanium, and could support mining with recent evidence of the existence of water; [but] the big prize when excavating the Moon, is helium-3.... [It] is abundant and accessible on the Moon and could be used in nuclear fusion..."
MINING.com then quotes at length from a June 16 article in The Diplomat - Asia/Pacific. Its author is Fabrizio Bozzato, at Tamkang University, Taiwan, and it is entitled "Moon Power: China's Pursuit of Lunar Helium-3." As a caption:"The equitable development of fusion fuel on the moon could be a catalyst for clean energy and a global renaissance."
MINING.com says it"argues China's program to land on the moon within a decade could be a game-changer."
Bozzato wrote,"Lacking an atmosphere, the moon has been bombarded for billions of years by solar winds carrying helium-3. As a result, the dust of the lunar surface is saturated with the gas. It has been calculated that there are about 1,100,000 metric tons of helium-3 on the lunar surface down to a depth of a few meters, and that about 40 tons of helium-3 — enough to fill the cargo bays of two space shuttles — could power the U.S. for a year at the current rate of energy consumption. Given the estimated potential energy of a ton of helium-3 (the equivalent of about 50 million barrels of crude oil), helium-3 fuelled fusion could ... increase mankind's productivity by orders of magnitude."
"However, supplying the planet with fusion power for centuries requires that we first return to the moon. At present, only China has this in mind, with its Chang-e program, a lunar exploration program that will send astronauts to the moon by the early 2020s. If Beijing wins the second race for the moon, and establishes a sustained human outpost conducting helium-3 mining operations, it would establish the same kind of monopoly that in the past created the fortunes of ventures like the East India Company. The ramifications would be significant, to say the least."
Bozzato describes a scenario of China monopoly and international tension over it as put forward by Foreign Policy, but concludes:"Still, this scenario is hardly inescapable. On the contrary, lunar exploration and resource development could end up encouraging international cooperation and build confidence. If the space-faring nations see a common destiny, then creative politics, diplomacy, and new legal frameworks could be used as instruments for good governance and an equitable sharing of the spoils. A new international regime for the joint development of lunar helium-3 would then be viable, with all the possibilities for the planet that would entail."

Thursday, July 31

get the buzz on Madison ave

http://harlemtshirts.blogspot.com/2014/07/advertising-freaks-over-social-media.html the money is funny

Friday, June 6

Schiller Institute Party in NYC

There's a Schiller Institute Party coming up in NYC.  And the theme is that LaRouche says it is time to impeach Obama, and avoid nuclear war and otherwise certain economic devastation.  So we are- Happy- and that's what we gonna do!!!

Why have war and economic collapse when we can work with Russia, China and India and build the Eurasian Landbridge.  The Chinese and Russians have already built billions of dollars of railroad, water and gas and oil projects as outlined in the EIR Eurasian Landbridge conference report of 1997.

Tuesday, June 3

Toppling of the British Queen

The name of the game is to topple the British Empire and the queen.  That is the focus of the geezer:

And I'm sure, what we're doing — Kesha's success is underrated, because if you have a bunch of failures, which is the Democrats who voted against her, they are really caught: How can they be in a position, where they are still children of Satan, shall we say, underneath Obama?

So, our situation is, you take in France, as in the case of Marine Le Pen, and you see in the case there, they actually toppled the power of the British interest, by getting the Socialist Party of France (PS) in jeopardy. Because the Socialist Party in France is one of the stooges, has been one of the stooges, as long as they've been in power, for the British Empire.

Saturday, May 24

Biking to Work in the Bronx

I think Biking to work is a big bummer and probably a quick way to get wet in the rain and commit suicide in various ways.  However, the greenies dig it.

Pedal to the Grindstone: Biking to Work

Bike to Work Day, held in New York on May 16th (last Friday), is a celebration of the bike being an environmental and wallet-friendly option for commuting from your home to your work place.  In honor of this event we had a Q&A session with Laura Solis from Bike New York about traveling via bicycle. Here’s what she said!

 If I live, let’s say 5 miles from my job, how long would it take me to get there? 
 That depends on a few factors. I used to live 5 miles away from my last job. The commute using public transportation would involve either 2 buses and the train or 3 buses and it’d take me just over an hour to get there. When I started riding my bike, it took me roughly 30 minutes on a day when I was being mindful not to break into a sweat. There was this one time it took me only 19 minutes, but I never did quite repeat that great timing. 

Do you remember the first time you biked to work?
The first day I tried it out I actually did it on my day off so that there wasn’t any pressure to get there “on time”. I went on a Sunday morning when traffic would be presumably lightest and I timed myself. I don’t remember what my time was, but I remember giving myself and hour and a half and I had planned 3 rest-stops, including a coffee shop along the way. Whenever I think back to that day, I remember how over prepared I was, how much I had overestimated what 5 miles really felt like, and how I had underestimated myself tremendously.  In the end, I only stopped once, and it was to pat myself on the back and tag a swig of water.

Clearly, biking is a great workout for your legs, but does it tone the jiggle anywhere else?
Biking is a tremendous workout, you will have buns of steel in no time and your abs/core will love you forevermore.

Are there any other benefits to biking besides the workout?
I will say that the money I save on transportation I spend on food to keep me fueled. And the saying “you are what you eat”, couldn’t be more true than when you are riding a bike. If I eat a bacon cheddar burger with fries and a shake before a bike ride, I ride like I just ate a bacon cheddar burger with fries and a shake. The bigger the variety of colors on my plate (not including condiments!) and range of food groups, the more vibrant I feel on my bike.

Ok, this may be a little personal but what about the, well, smell? Any tips?
Hygiene in general is a really big deal to me, whether or not I’m on my bike. With that said, I quickly learned how to ride so that I didn’t break into a sweat, but I also learned what was the best way to get rid of the smell of NYC streets that will latch on to your body if you’re riding through traffic. I stocked up on sun dresses when I started riding a bike because there is NOTHING, like riding a bike in a skirt or a dress. The sheer ventilation that you get in all the necessary places will have you smiling up and down the road. I am more concerned with dirt, which is attracted to you if you are wearing lotion, sunscreen in particular. To remove the grime, which usually only accumulates on a ride greater than 5 miles, I use Action Wipes. Action Wipes are amazing! They remove any evidence of your having been active in a matter of minutes, and it does so using all natural ingredients, without drying your skin while leaving you feeling clean and fresh. They also don’t leave any lint behind, which baby wipes often do, and they’re the perfect texture for sloughing off the grease that will one day end up on your leg.

What are the safest routes in the Bronx? Is there somewhere I can find this information?
The Bronx has a great number of greenways (paths surrounded by greenery) as a result of being the greenest borough! Many folks feel really safe along the greenways because the interaction with traffic is very limited. We’ve got the Bronx River Greenway, Mosholu Parkway Greenway, the Hutchinson River Greenway, and the Pelham Parkway Greenway.  Have you checked out the 2014 NYC Bike Map?!!! The promising green dotted lines indicate forthcoming “potential” bike lanes, including an extension of the existing Hudson River Greenway, which currently ends in Inwood Hill Park in Manhattan, but looks to make its way up to Riverdale. There are also lots of green dots along the Bronx Harlem River Greenway as well! In addition to the Bike Map, ridethecity (website and app), maps out direct, safe and safer routes, respectively. They are still one of my most used #bikenyc resources.

Bike lanes are great, but being safe has a lot to do with feeling safe and feeling safe often comes with knowledge which leads to confidence. You can get this sort of knowledge, and subsequent confidence, by attending free Bike New York Street Skills Class and Street Skills Ride. Honestly, it’s where I picked up most of my tips and tricks, or rather advice and instruction. As much as I love the greenways, and hope for more bike lanes in the Bronx, the existing ones are not currently conducive to an efficient commute for me, so you’ll most often see me on the road, safely alongside the cars, without a bike lane.

If I wanted to take a class to learn more about biking in NYC or find a group to ride with, how could I do that?  
Visit www.bikenewyork.org/education to learn more about biking safely and confidently in NYC for free. We have free classes throughout the five boroughs. Our Community Bike Education Center in the Bronx is located in the southwest playground of Van Cortlandt Park.

If you want to ride with a group, I’d recommend our very own Bike Path Cruise Rides. You can also check out the list of bike clubs on our website. A few of my favorites include Social Cycling NYCNYC Biketrain and InTandem. They are all filled with good people who are very welcoming to new and experienced cyclists. 

Wednesday, May 21

Josh Kaufman does Stevie Wonder

Watching the show, Josh Kaufman, he is doing an imitation of Stevie Wonder.  He really sounds like Stevie Wonder.  But that is not original, hey Harlem and Bronx, don't you know this is a big fake.  #thevoice is a bigger fake than American Idol, where at least they pretend to have an original interpretation.  I guess it is American Ventriloquist. Oh well, that is the news from Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NYC, NY.

Tuesday, May 6

Bronx Week opening Party at Bronx Brewery, Bronx Museum

OK, Bronx NY News sent a reporter to the opening of Bronx Week yesterday. It was wild, and it featured Bronx boro pres Ruben Diaz, and honorees David Zayas from the Dexter HBO show, and Swizz Beats, the rapper and producer married to Alicia Keyes.  That guy has 4 kids from 4 different women, so he really likes to reproduce.

Also, the picture of the chair is from the opening at the Bronx Museum of their Beyond the Supersquare exhibit.